Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Bossy Scrapper

I finally remembered (a bit too early even) to join in this week, and this week the Bossy Britches was Kelly (aka ScrappyDo) and she did a fantastic job of keeping a bunch of unruly scrappers in line and actually doing a lovely layout. Heres my take on it: Its a good way to get a layout done in a night, and ive also finished the Olympics challenge for tomorrow so I shall post that tomorrow or Tuesday anyway. Meanwhile I'm watching Constantine, which is totally weird and I dont get it at all, lots of religious stuff I think which is pretty much why I dont understand whats going on! but its better than infomercials or at least better than the crime channel!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Cake .. MUST eat Cake....

And this is the cake I am continually making (at least once a week) It changes weekly too, but I'll put the usual recipe up .. and the first person to make this cake and show me a photo will win a RAK. Its gonna be a GOOD RAK too, Im thinking a 6x6 album... so get to it!
I got clever tonight and instead of fighting with my flatmate over it, I made double the mix and made 6 large muffins, 6 small muffins AND a cake.... so no fighting over who gets 3/4 and who gets 1/4 of a cake :D everyone is happy now. ooooh yeah, except Derek, he is a fussy bugger and refuses to eat raisins so umm well TOO bad he doesnt get any cake. I keep telling him I'll make him a banana cake.. but then I notice I have all the ingredients for a Lumberjack cake so the banana cake is still unmade. oops, I'm a MEAN girlfriend.
Lumberjack Cake (Danice styles)
1 tin of pear halves (drained)
1 cup raisins
1 teaspoon Bicarb Soda
1 Cup boiling water
125gr butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 ½ cups plain flour


60 gram butter
½ cup brown sugar (firmly packed)
½ cup milk
2/3 cup shredded coconut

*Grease 20cm cake tin, line with baking paper
*Preheat oven to 180 C
*Combine pears, raisins soda and water in small bowl, cover and put aside
*Beat butter, vanilla essence and sugar in a big bowl with electric mixer until light and creamy, add egg and mix until combined.
*Transfer the pear and raisin mixture, (don’t drain but don’t use all of the liquid) into the sugar mix, alternate with flour.
*Pour into prepared pan
*Bake in over for about 50 mins

Make topping:
*Combine butter, milk, brown sugar and coconut in microwave dish, heat on high for about 1 minute or until butter is melted.

*When cake is brown on top (approx 40 mins) pour topping evenly over cake and cook for another 10-20 mins

Enjoy with cream while still warm, or let it cool for a nice morning tea cake
(lies really, I eat it all the time, breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Oh and I'll be at Spotlight Manukau tomorrow doing some Make n Takes for the kids, Fathers Day cards, so come say hello if you're around!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some Funnies

When I say Funnies *I* think they're funny, you lot will obviously not completely understand just how amused I am... because of course I haven't scrapped these photos, (I only got them today from my cousin Travis on behalf of Aunty Miriam in Aussie) so I've not journalled about these photos.... and oh what journalling I could do! specially this one: its the Woodridge Flea Market.. and yes thats my mother and I with the van (we had a camper van not a normal car) but worse...

those bloody horrible diamond jumpers. I did not choose to wear that of my own accord, in fact I have noticed in all my photos, I wasn't allowed to choose my own clothes until well, until after I got kicked out of home at 14... no wonder I have no fashion sense!!! Mother used to do alot of volunteering work at the salvies so I pretty much lived in second hand and home made clothes, I had MASSES of these ra ra skirts which I notice in the latest K Mart catalogue!

This is obviously a Christmas Day, I don't know when tho, because I thought I spent all my Christmas Days at Dad's - obviously not! We used to fly home to NZ every summer and I stayed at the farm, so I might have to do some investigating as to when this one taken!
I was really skinny too, didnt remember that, but these photos were all taken pretty much at the beginning of my ballroom competition days and I loved athletics etc at school, so I USED to be a fit young thing, these days I am a HAPPY thing as opposed to skinny or fit or young, and I LOVE it that way!
Im off to NZ Scrapbooks' Product Preview tonight, exploding boxes!!! yay!!! fun fun fun with Three Bugs in a Rug :D
I sent my first Olympic challenge layout off last night, not the most exciting, it looks far far better in real life, working with circles and certain materials just doesn't scan up properly, and I did another layout which I think I really like, but I'll decide properly tonight!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Whats up with this weather?

I love the rain and wind, but its strange to have a lovely day then suddenly wake up to wind and rain everywhere. So Ive cleaned the kitchen and cleaned out the cupboards and now im allowed to sit in my warm cosy scrap room allllllll day!
Im mostly finished my layout for the Sketchbook Olympics, its going to be good fun- similar to the Scrapbook Studio thing but Im guessing with more all over judging. This weeks challenge is to use circles and round bits.
I am still fine with the non smoking thing, so far I can't imagine ever lighting another one, too happy with myself to start the cycle again.
I still havent figured out how to stitch my layouts together so i cant show you any work ive done yet!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I feel I can safely post now ....

And Beth- dont hate me, but I am calling myself a .............. yesssss ................... wait for it .............. its pretty shocking............ in fact............ Its one of the strangest things ever.........................ok............. get ready for it...................


oh dear!! call the ambulance for those that have keeled over in shock!

yes folks, I am a non smoker. I intend to stay this way too. I have been smoking less since Sunday 10th August. Just cos I felt like it, I was using patches and in conjunction with Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking book.
I now dont WANT to smoke, dont FEEL like smoking and Im doing fine, I don't "miss" doing something so silly every hour, or half hour or whenever I get in the car, I am pretty comfortable not WANTING to smoke - I'm aware that every other time I have attempted to "give up" I felt like I was denying myself something good, I'm Finally at the stage where I can freely admit, I'm not sacrificing anything, I'm not denying myself pleasure, Im giving myself something pretty precious.
So I'm trying my best to keep busy, do what I like doing with no major "life changes" as is usually suggested - honestly, I dont want to CHANGE my life, I just want to stop smoking. And for those that wish to do the same, I absolutely recommend Allen Carr's book and as trite as it sounds, I think it works!! its a fantastic tool and I would especially like to hear from any non-smokers that read it, would be quite satisfying I think to hear their opinon too!

So thats The main reason I have been quiet on the blog, that and the fact I have nothing better to report right now, I'm working on some things, did a lo last night but havent figured out how to use the flash new Photoshop on my flash new pc to stitch it, when I tried at midnight last night I got completely confused and gave up. - IM A QUITTER THIS WEEK !!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

oohhhh It's me!!!! I got a prize from NZDares! yay! and note this dare Niella is a guest designer- so go check it, hard dare too. perhaps ill sit this one out (hehehehehe)
and also its Friday which is a fantastic day of the week!
The weather is horrible again (YAY!!!!!!!!) I love horribe weather, so little guilt about leaving the house and scrapping :D
I am scrapping tonight, I feel the need, and I havent finished anything lately so must get to it!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is a boredom post.

Im at work, and umm well cant decide what to do, so I plugged in the Ipod, and remembered I havent told y'all my new favourite song.... "Swing" by Trace Adkins, I enjoy this artist, he has some rightly amusing songs - check out the lyrics to "I got my game on" for a giggle.
So there ya go, thats ny new favourite along with Carrie Underwood's "Last name"

couple of other things, kelly, I lost your email address. oops. and to Andrea - your comment made me laugh- thank you (I think) its ok to be nutty isnt it!?? yeah I think so.

Right sooooooo umm working hmm yeah. unfortunately I dont even have any mind numbingly boring reports to do... I've already done them, soooo it is possibly a Bubble day.. for those that don't know bubble and need some OSH approved time out, email me and I'll send it to you, you do need Excel tho to use it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dear Beth

I apologise profusely for not attaching your name to the Fiskars "Im not here" post, and I feel terrible for any grief I may have inadvertantly caused.
However, I have been considering dear ol david's "special" movie, and I am relying on you to make the decision as to whether hes EXTRA special or just normal or rather pathetic. Please advice me on this matter for fear it shall ruin any future series of Bones.

Lots of love,

Monday, August 11, 2008

I cant be bothered doing my Favourites

SOOOO I'm hoping that everyone will read this post and comment with their respective blog address's so I can readd everyone.. thank you!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh My!!!!!!!!!!

I have a new pc, I'm absolutely OVER the moon! I have been keeping my eyes open, but a new pc for me is one of those things that has never really taken priority over other things, until I saw one on Trademe and liked the specs - its a home build with the UGLIEST case in the world, but its SO fast! I dare say I will see how this month goes on data usage but I think I will end up getting a higher allowance now!
It's taken me hours and hours and I hardly did anything, gotta say thanks a bunch to Chris for spending the time to get it sorted the way I wanted it!!!
So I shall be playing alot this week with Youtube- Yay for Benny Lava!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

danice 3 - Mice 0.

nuff said.
I went out this evening to catch up with some friends, ended up at pak n save at 10pm doing the shopping.... OOPS. Why is it that you rarely buy baking powder, and when you do, it always ends up being baking Soda that you need???? or is that just me? I now have two full containers of baking powder and about one teaspoon of baking soda... and guess what I need to use in my modified lumberjack cake? yup I need baking SODA. which means I will have to revisit the supermarket and thats really dangerous, I never feel bad about spending money in a supermarket so I need to go in with a LIST and actually only buy whats ON the list. not things that take my fancy because they are in pretty tins or its a flavour of something that I think smells nice which of course ends up smelling absolutely crap and I never use it.
but on the upside- its Friday tomorrow! yippeeeeeeee I am in the throes of organising myself to go to Whitianga to visit my sister, but I think I'll go down on Saturday rather than Friday, too tired to consider leaving straight after work! and because I know myself pretty well, I imagine that I shall sleep in too late on Saturday morning, decide not to go down til "later" and end up not going at all. I am SO good at knowing myself :D! Thank you for your comments on my felt cards, the cat recipient loved his, said something about "ohhh you should do this stuff, cos isnt it similar to that scrapbooking you do......." after just one look at him he said "Ohhh I guess you did do it cos of that aye" and thats from someone whom I would consider to be very intelligent on any other day! but he liked it and I even got an extra hug for it! go me!!!
and now me go to bed, its beginning to rain again and it will be warm and cosy! I hope everyone has a great Friday!

LOL this is so much fun!!

Cant you tell!?? and it just happens that when I finish one card, someone else's birthday pops into my mind, this is a boy card, for a friend who loves cats!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

and another one

This is for my girlfriend, I got to use hearts for once!

Felt thingies

I adore Niella's felt creations, and today I *stumbled* into spotlight and *stumbled* out with a pile of felt sheets, and with lovely time on my hands I made this for one of the girls at work... I'm so impressed I shall be making more thingies right away! perhaps after a wee nana nap.

Monday, August 4, 2008

NZ Dares challenge 51

I got my USA photos reprinted the other week when Hardly Normal did the .10c photo deal ( you know the 6am-8am one- when it was Pouring down with rain and hail, a morning MUCH better suited to staying warm and snuggly in bed!)

so anyway, I reprinted (cos I *ahem* misplaced the last lot) all the photos from my trip - unfortunately not that many cos I only had the camera on the second trip, which was the shorter trip of 2 months so yeah not too many pics, but I still have enough to remember some great times!

Anyway, heres my take on the challenge- to use a repeated pattern, i stamped triangles along the end of the ribbon border - enjoy!

******* EDITED to add- holy heck, I did this other layout too (so now its a double!!!!!!!!!!!)

and I did this other one in less than 30 minutes- fastest layout I've ever done.... ok ok not the most creative but it kinda matches !!!!!!! Yeahh umm the scanning and cropping wasnt so great, but I'm not a miracle worker!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

blog hopping

To anyone that is "bored" and needs a break from scrapbooking, I suggest you read Alison's bloggie, she has recently had an article published about Autism that *I* think is brilliant, in the article she explains what life can be like living with a son with Autism. Highly readable and really interesting for those that have had no experience whatsoever with this syndrome.
Also Trina and Nic both have Stampin up giveaways to celebrate the release of the new Stampin Up catalogue- and as of last week when I received my stampin up goodies, I'm a convert!!!
Rachel is still in the Project Scrap Away comp- woohoo!!!!!! go the kiwi!!!!!! (its sad but I'm more interested in Rachel in the Project Scrap Away comp than the rugby) so keep your eyes on that blog!
Thats all I have to report right now, I am struggling with a 3 photo layout... I have decided i will never ever again take sets of 3 photos. either 1,2 or 4 only- NO odd numbers!!! and I must use more portrait pics because I'm getting sick of landscape!

have a great Sunday afternoon and no doubt I shall report later on my hideous lo!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Baby cutesy stuff

My friend Eve had a little girl last week, and needed to send thank you cards for all the gifts and well wishes, so I made these up for her, using mostly Kaiser Craft stuff, I did these in a couple of days, ** edited- i HAVE done the inside stuff and they ARE be finished! (Yay!) All Eve needs to do is circle the date on the stamped calendar and send them out!

For those that cant quite read it, heres the inside writing:
A Baby Lives Here Now
in the corner of the spare room,
there's a little cradle now:
and the day-to-day routine
Has gotten busier somehow.
there's a bib among the towels--
and a talcumy perfume
Drifts around the little toys
that lie about the room.
the little teddy bear stands guard
With his round and rolly eyes
When all the house is still
But for the sounds of lullabies.
yet even without all these things,
it's still obvious somehow
From the happiness that fills the air--
A baby lives here now