Thursday, January 17, 2008

Currently working on....

I started off hoping to do the three challenges for Fiskars..
A) a base of cardstock and minimum of 6 of photos
B) use a Fiskars squeeze punch
C)glitter/glaze/frosted/metallic layout.

the deadline was last Sunday.. i achieved only B, but ive got the stock for A and im in the process of C. Then i see another Fiskars challenge with dry embossing .. so i incorporated that into the layout... i missed the deadline for that too so now im holding out for tomorrows No 8 Wired challenge (the first of 2008! WOOHOO!!!!)

I am a slow scrapper, certainly dont do pretty plain or simple, often i can take 6 hours straight doing half a layout only to decide i hate it!

so im going now to play with my tools and pretend i get something done :D

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