Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I know the date is wrong... *sigh*

thank you to all you clever lasses that have pointed this out, i have no clue how i managed to do do that... but yay me! whilst i am trying to recitfy the issue, you will all just have to scroll down to read my current posts.

I had a realllllly crap day at work today, my favourite (non scrapping) toy was stolen from my desk, and im really sad about it, this isnt the first time something has grown legs, about 4 months ago a colleagues cell phone went missing and a bunch of cell ph chargers too.

Im so sad that someone saw fit to take my BRIGHT pink ipod - everyone knows its mine and i use it everyday, and even worse was the reaction of my team mates - personally i was really P*** off, but didnt make a fuss because i dont want my team feeling down (we have big targets to hit, no time for negativity) so i was just getting on with things, and my team mates were so nice to me (cos i feel its my own stupidity - we always lock our drawers and take things home i jsut forgot yesterday so busy!) so even tho im sad about someone stealing from workmates, im kinda proud of my team for standing up for me and being so nice, so YAY TEAM!
i was going to send the email, but jsut couldnt bring myself to do it so my boss did it this afternoon- all i can do is hope that it reappears on Thursday, if it doesnt, well ill cry but wont admit it!

so tonight im going to be happy and scrap SOMETHING - cant let a public holiday happen without at least one layout being completed!!!

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