Friday, March 28, 2008

hello Blog readers!

Friday - the week seemed to drag on and it was only 4 days long! times are tough when i feel like i need another four day holiday after 4 little work days!!
On the scrapping front, ive started a chipboard notebook 3 times now. I forwarded a Journal Jar email to Sandra - you know the one where you have strips of paper in a jar with all manner of questions on it - so your elder relatives can answer them in a special note book. Well my dad's not really the type to appreciate a jar (without lollies in it anyway) but i *think* he might answer the questions if they are in a notebook, (Sandra's idea so thank you!) and seeing as it was Dad's birthday last week, i decided to do something for the both of us, make him a custom notebook for these questions to be printed into it, and seeing as im a MOD PODGE freak now, i have been doing lots of chipboard and trial and error of lots of different products, i found the semco crackle medium to be kinda crappy - im on the hunt for a one coat only crackle medium, until i find it ive decided not make it crackled - funny that aye?
SO the goal of this weekend is to finish this book properly and including the question pages!!
hopefully by Sunday you will see a finished product!


Anonymous said...

Hey - I was wondering if you could e-mail me the list of questions you have for older relatives- I really want to do a book on my Nana and would appreciate a start with the questions - ta, Christine

NanaBeth said...

I have 2 chipboard and 1 acrylic waiting to be done. I will now wait until you finish yours and can fill us in on all the best tips!