Saturday, March 22, 2008

What a day!

Hi all! i am so norty! so big big apologies for not updating sooner, the more i post on here the less i think anyone reads it, until i get told off by various people for being boring.. i never said i had an exciting life!!!
But today i DID do something exciting, i did another demo at Spotlight cos they had a HUGE eggstra special Easter Saturday, and not only did i get to hang out in a craft shop (its nice but im not sure ill take the manager up on her job offer yet!!)
I got to Hang out with the Pergamano crew- such delicate beautiful work (and of all things im a dork cos i forgot to get pics!)
Highlights of the day were meeting Trina for the first time! (shes a nice lady too wasnt scary at all even!!) And other than ALL the lovely people i met, a bonus was meeting Ilka Adam, So cool with bloody brilliant ideas that i may well use.. but thats for a much later post! so thanks to all that stopped by and visited as well as a HUGE HUGE thanks to all the staff at Spotlight, they are proving themselves to be totally exceptional when it comes to customer services!!!

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enyadas_mum said...

glad you met Ilka yes Ilka rocks... totally cool lady... great work...and you must add her blog... when your awake (hence decaff) I will talk you thru or be there when I drop in to show you how easy... god took me ages to figure out blogspot.. haha