Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I cant Wait!!

Im super excited about tonights product preview at NZ Scrapbook, Ann is joining in along with Gloria, and Kerry Sue and we are meeting up with Tracy. Im even MORE excited than usual because there hasnt been mention of "bringing a photo" - this is great news for me, i dont think i have ever in my life completed a layout at a class/crop whatever, I'm just far too slow and anyway I like playing around with things on my own anyway, so I imagine ill be up til all hours having a play and doing some stuff.
I also have to mention something I have recently become addicted to, other than clear stamps, ink pads, scrap storage stuff, glass mats, pink things etc etc, this is NON scrap related!!!! I KNOW!!! you guys are all so surprised arent you!!!! I do exist outside my scrap room! (and the scrap stores that i travel to and spotlight and kmart and warehouse stationery) but i have fallen for "Vita Quench vitamin enhanced water booster" all it is really is cordial but
A) sugar free (yay!) and
B) its made to go straight into your 750 ml water bottle, its not a full on flavour cordial - more like the flavoured water and
C) its approx $4 for a box of 10 sachets - so quite reasonable considering normal cordial for a 1L is much more expensive (and full of sugar) so this is my new favourite drink, I am now drinking far less coffee and much more water - I feel so guilt free and happy!
Its not widely available yet I cant see it at Pak N Save but it is at Countdown in the cordial aisle, 4 flavours - lemon/lime, mixed berry (yummy) Orange and mango (my fave) and a cranberry one too - if anyone else tries it let me know what you think!!!


yaseennz said...

Oh sounds like you're in for a fab night out! So wish I could be there too. Betcha had heaps of fun!

Ann said...

Hey you, it was great to finally get to sit with you and Gloria and nice to meet Kerry-sue and Tracy.

You make an excellent ;-)

See ya at the next event.

Angel Gurl said...

Hi Danica, found your blog through Ann. I know here and Gloria and Ilka. Like you I am a rare breed too and am a childless scrapper. People often what I can scrap about if I dont have kids, I scrap everything and nothing lol.