Monday, April 28, 2008

Oops, a whole week and NO posts!

Well I'm posting now so you can keep up with whats happening. I went out on Friday night with Carla... highly amusing and excellent fun, yes there are pictures but I'm slightly hesitant about showing them because umm just because.
I've managed to tempt my new msn friend Tracy (in Whangaporoa) to come along to the next product preview at NZ Scrapbook which is happening on Wednesday - Lucky I'm typing this so I remembered to ring and book us in!
I'm thinking more and more about what I'm going to be taking to Palmerston North in June, and pure fluke, Spotlight Manukau had half price of all storage and totes and also half price of all albums... not that I need any more albums, but the one i got is jsut SO cute!! the photos are all at home (im currently at work) so i will post later or not. I also got a nice smaller size tote (a Grant deluxe tote or soemthing and its quite a nice size for all sorts of things - half price was a bargain too!
I tidied my room last week, so I havent done much scrapping, I have done half a layout and its a bit annoying because I am stuck on the title placement so when i figure that out ill be happy again!
Best i get back to work now (its a joy to post my blog stuff from work because its so fast!)

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