Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday is here!

And im really excited about .... MONDAY! how often do you hear that hmm?? excited about a Monday, but this is for good reason, FINALLY the Core'dinations range is here and it INCLUDES black!!! make sense anyone??? if not then check this range out: Core'dinations, i adore it and cannot wait to play with it! and for those with a cuttlebug, I hear whispers that it is Extra-fantastic for embossing!!
Onto more mundane things, the weather is pretty rotten, although for a Friday thats a good thing, last night I got my first acrylic album, after months of harrassing Derek the poor boy to give me acrylic offcuts, he keeps "forgetting" so last night I toddled off to the workshop and demanded he cut it, i gave him some rough wonky sizes, decided he was being far too precise so I jumped on the cutting machine and did it myself.... needless to say its certainly not square in any real sense, but it is approximately and I have decided to go with different sized pages (lucky that cos I dont have two sheets the same size/shape anyway)
So I was considering starting on this wee album tonight - the starting means all I have to do is think about what im going to use the album FOR. One suggestion from Nic in CHC is about my "mad online friends" and quite frankly I was wondering if 5 pages was enough !! however, im opening the doors - GIMMIE IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so please leave a comment with ideas :D thanks and have a great daY!


NanaBeth said...

I'm liking the "wonky" things I've done theme.

Nic said...

5 pages is plenty - you really should only do the maddest bints of the lot LOL

Jenny said...

HI Danice, I have come visiting from Nic's post at Fiskateers. I also have an acrylic album to do so any ideas that you have feel free to share!