Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Well I win the blonde award

I FINALLY booked my tickets to Palmerston North today,..... well I did for about 5 minutes, then realised I had made a booboo and rang Air NZ and the nice people cancelled the booking.
I have travelled alllll over the world, dodgy lil airlines and non English speaking countries, never had a problem. Yet try to get me to book a simple flight to Palmy and I screw it up. I did by booking the flights tick the boxes of the flights I wanted and click next etc etc
problem was, I saw 7.50 thought yip sweet hit the enter button and voila! I notice it was 7.50AM - this is my return flight, and I highly doubt anyone is going to get up at 6am from camp and say righto Danice, Time to go home now....... doubtful i would be coherent at that time of morning on a Sunday anyway.
SO the saga will continue tomorrow, I have to wait for the money to be put back on my Visa and then rebook, and of course between now and then its likely the flights will go up another $20 making this a veryyyyyy expensive wee jaunt for scrapbooking, but hey! thats ok, I shall make it worth my while by doing at least ONE whole layout :D


Anonymous said...


Ann said...

Oh dear!
Better make it three layouts so your trip is worthwhile.....lol

Anonymous said...

*chuckles* yeppers a true blonde moment;p
LOL to Ann's reply too!]
Hope you got a good deal!