Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cos the weather is manky.. who wants a RAK!??

I hear that the South Island is getting chilly and its unpleasant, so, to celebrate the start of Work free Wednesday, Ive decided to bribe people to post comments with a RAK!!!!

I was out shopping and saw the most softest cutest sock thingies, they are that really nice soft furry stuff (no not fur!- Chenille i think) with the plastic grip thingies ahh heck i cant explain ill just take a pic shall I?

Right so above are my ones (i like bright colours- easier to see in the mess on the floor)
But if you post a comment about hmmmmm
your latest craft project and if you like the dark ones or the bright ones (and what part of the country you live in) Im going to pick a winner from the South Island and a winner from the North Island you have tonight and tomorrow and Ill pick a winner Friday morning from work - on Faf around Friday :D- and Christine- I wouldve emailed you - if the blo(&*%$*#y work email server was working - we could only send/receive emails internally (bugger it the boss could unfortunately still communicate) but its fixed now- I will be busy in the morn but after lunch... check your inbox :D
OHHH and by the way people I'm in need of a jump ring supplier - Arthurs have put the price up and its now .50 for a 1" jump ring and .70 for the bigger ones- Whitcoulls is 4.50 for a pack of 5 so if you know anywhere - please advise ... that of course will be counted towards the "random" rak drawing :D :D i am SO open to bribery


Nic said...

ok those look scarily like crocheted crocs LOL my latest craft project is an application for scrapbox, and the continuing saga of our holiday pics from Wellington.

Danice said...

and you live in Timubuktoo dont you Nic and you just want proper crochetd slippers in YELLOW - READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, I might void you now :D :D

Nic said...

oh bright please LOL so I dont lose my feet in the 6' snow drifts k?

Nic said...

that would be the 6' snow in the SOUTH ICE-LAND

yaseennz said...

Maybe we can all turn into furbaby feet peeps;p
Oh try $2Shop or $1,23 dollarworld for jumprings ( pack of 6 or 8 cant quite remember)

Dallas said...

Ohhhh pick me love those bright ones and non slip soles so I wont slip on the stairs (long story and brusies that lasted 3 weeks )
Currently working on a travelling stamp project and an altered book cover way down in the deep south Palmerston OTAGO

NanaBeth said...

I am a sock junkie. I have 13 pair of Halloween socks (and 5 pantyhose), can't count the Christmas, also Easter, St. Patrick's, and 4th of July. Not to mention somewhere around 70 pair of every day.
Need I say more-I too am open to bribery-will pay!

Mummy LOL said...

Meeeeeeeeeee I need footsie warmers cos Neen keeps stealing mine, I am in wet and windy Manawatu and I am battling with my Graduation photos ahhhhhhhhh 3 LO's done 100 photos to lmao

Mummy LOL said...

And I love both so you could send one of each hahahahaha then I would know left from right

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Pick me I could wear them at work!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, just cause I am differnt I would prefer the dark ones, and you know I live just out of Auckland in Puke (just don't want to be a Jaffa LOL).
You also know that I still have no mojo, but I am still making cards and it seems to be bringing it back, Might even attempt a layout this weekend ;).

Christine C

TracyP said...

oohh I lurrve sockies!!! I have just bought a set of 9 jump rings from the $2 shop for well um you guessed it $2, well I think they are jump rings!! Are they the things I used on my ribbon ring? if so then I got some! You know I'm a Northy and I'm totally not worried about what colour, I like them both :)