Friday, June 13, 2008

Freaky Friday the 13th!

Actually I didnt even think of it til I was on my way to work this morning, after I saw a black cat running under a ladder on a cracked footpath. (joking)
On other news, I'm nearly finished my thingie, I cant tell you what my thingie is at this stage... but I will when I can - I love it how even I cant make sense out of what I've written!.

Going to a crop tomorrow - some might think I am ready for a non scrapbooking weekend - they would be wrong, I'm ALWAYS up for scrapbooking! specially when it's more than an hour or two, seeing as I scrap so slowly, the longer the crop the more chance I have of finishing something! or at least NEARLY finishing something!!

I'm blogging from work at the moment only because I'm about to be called into a meeting, and well, no point starting somethign I can't finish is there!?
Has anyone seen the price of a lettuce at Countdown lately!??? it was $4 last night, not for a flash pretty lettuce, but a normal plain lettuce, I was quite shocked, and yet everyone wonders why we don't eat healthy! So this morning whilst whinging about the $4 lettuce, another team leader mentioned I should be growing my own, pfft, as if! I've been there, done that, grew my own tomatoes and lettuces and stuff, got bored very quickly and haven't done it for a year or two, but the point is that I was advised that if i put even 1% of passion that I have for scrapbooking into a vege garden, I would have plenty of lovely nice veges..... I was horrified - WHY would I want to spend precious passion and energy on something other than scrapbooking!!!! tsk tsk silly man, doesnt understand the obsession at all!


Ann said...

Come on....
You can't leave your poor readers hanging like that!

Give us a clue as to what ya thingy is (wink)

Have a great time cropping this weekend.

Nic said...

pfff who wants to eat salad in winter anyway lol go the pie n chips!

Niella said...

$4 lettuce? that's crazy!
Hope you're having fun at your crop tonight! I love crops:)

Kelly said...

Crap! No wonder I don't eat lettuce much at this time of year.
And growing your own?? Yeah, right!

Kerry-Sue Thomson said...

LOL!!!!!! yes i had noticed the price of lettuce too. Can u immagine trying to grow them at this time of the year.....stick to scrapbooking, I am!