Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Of course im going to the Prima Preview..

why would you need to even ASK Ann???

but for the others the Prima preview is at NZ Scrapbook on Monday, check out the details HERE - adn you can also see lovely pics of me (oops on the phone and trying to scrap) now my sister can SEE i really wasnt telling fibs about being busy!!


NanaBeth said...

Pretty nifty site. Some good how to's there. Thanks (of course your are fibbing)

Dragonlass said...

She was sort of busy, - chewing on her knife and peering at the papers...I can say this as I took the photo'

Ann said...

Just checking!
I didn't see your name on the list before i left work

And as for busy???
I'm sure chewing on your knife doesn't count ;-)

Just kidding....your layout was lovely.

Nic said...

does no-one else see the phone tucked in there? she didnt call me tho the trollop! LOL