Thursday, June 26, 2008

<-To my Left

You will all see a bright blingie new flashy bit. This is for a random US Radio station. I would REALLLLY appreciate it if you could spend a couple of minutes voting for the band "Put to Rest" this band is a fellow Scrapbookers son (and friends) the prize for winning this competition is for the band to open for Godsmack at Big Day Out in America.... for those that have been paying attention to the Fiskars Aussie blog, you might already know I am a fan of hard rock music, and Godsmack is a band I love. So please, take a moment to help a fellow scrapper out by voting!

perhaps to make it a sweeter deal (as if helping a fellow scrapper isnt enough!) Ill add a little Rak - please comment here when you vote and ill draw a winner July 12th.



Anonymous said...

Because you asked so nicely, all voted for.
Christine C
PS thanks for the sockies - I can't wait for them = my feet are freezing right now.

Jessie said...

Where do I vote?!