Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Aren't I mean??

Three whole days without posting, but on the upside I HAVE finished a layout for the 5th week challenge, using fabric and stuff, Ill be able to post it here on Thursday. Meanwhile I am stressed so I am enjoying a few hours of scrapping (hehehehe to make a change from normal of course)
I find the wedding photos of Tess to be quite relaxing, Possibly because the black and white and odd colour is calming or possibly because it's totally different than doing photos of the kids, either way I'm sure she wont mind :D So that is my update for the moment. Hoping to finish this layout tonight so I can stick down and copy tomorrow. Will do my best to keep you all informed and if I have breakfast tomorrow - ill be sure to add that to the next blog post!


Jessie said...

Where are you doing the challenges? Is it online?? I visited the scrapbooking store again today... addicted!

NanaBeth said...

Hitting the board is hit and miss here also! If I can back on -I'll post a message about your problems.

Niella said...

Danice..your layout is GORGEOUS for the SUTYCS comp! I'm so proud of you!!

niella said...

oh and jessie it is a scrapbookstudio in the gallery:)

Everyone rush there now!!