Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Im alive!

not much good to anyone but I'm still here, i have been ill since Friday but the Dr is fixing me up so I'll be as good as new again... any day now I'm sure. I'm limping my chubby butt into work as often as I can, but can't stay around long enough to be useful - only long enough to get myself into trouble so I've decided that seeing as I want to keep my job, I'm staying home till I'm better.
My scrap room is horrendous i made a bunch of card thingies with lil Maori dolls which I forgot to take photos off (oops) but I still have a couple to make so I will take a pic then.
Found a new donut shop in Manukau shopping mall, and they are delicous- sick I might be but I'm also totally ravenous for bad food, and the "Raspberry Dream" filled with raspberry jam and covered in white chocolate is really very good. I did consider getting a picture of that too but I ate it too quick.
I'm sure there were things to post but I've forgotten and quite frankly I don't umm care.
I'll remember when I'm ready and then Ill do another post, for now, I can tell I've been walking and sitting too long and my kidneys are protesting, so it's time for Nic's super duper wheatie bag without wheat and into bed!


Niella {paperbutton} said...

Poor you Danice!

Get well soon chookie:)

NanaBeth said...

Send Raspberry Dream now!!!