Thursday, August 7, 2008

danice 3 - Mice 0.

nuff said.
I went out this evening to catch up with some friends, ended up at pak n save at 10pm doing the shopping.... OOPS. Why is it that you rarely buy baking powder, and when you do, it always ends up being baking Soda that you need???? or is that just me? I now have two full containers of baking powder and about one teaspoon of baking soda... and guess what I need to use in my modified lumberjack cake? yup I need baking SODA. which means I will have to revisit the supermarket and thats really dangerous, I never feel bad about spending money in a supermarket so I need to go in with a LIST and actually only buy whats ON the list. not things that take my fancy because they are in pretty tins or its a flavour of something that I think smells nice which of course ends up smelling absolutely crap and I never use it.
but on the upside- its Friday tomorrow! yippeeeeeeee I am in the throes of organising myself to go to Whitianga to visit my sister, but I think I'll go down on Saturday rather than Friday, too tired to consider leaving straight after work! and because I know myself pretty well, I imagine that I shall sleep in too late on Saturday morning, decide not to go down til "later" and end up not going at all. I am SO good at knowing myself :D! Thank you for your comments on my felt cards, the cat recipient loved his, said something about "ohhh you should do this stuff, cos isnt it similar to that scrapbooking you do......." after just one look at him he said "Ohhh I guess you did do it cos of that aye" and thats from someone whom I would consider to be very intelligent on any other day! but he liked it and I even got an extra hug for it! go me!!!
and now me go to bed, its beginning to rain again and it will be warm and cosy! I hope everyone has a great Friday!


Niella {paperbutton} said...

LOL!! I am soooo feeling ya on the baking powder/soda thing!! Ha!

NanaBeth said...

I have faith-you will make it your sister's!

NanaBeth said...

It's official-surgery next thursday. Can I come visit?