Monday, August 11, 2008

I cant be bothered doing my Favourites

SOOOO I'm hoping that everyone will read this post and comment with their respective blog address's so I can readd everyone.. thank you!!!!


NanaBeth said...

Vista is second only to Martha Stewart in its' evilness. I don't have a blog, go I can't be a favorite as evidenced by the omission of my name from your board entry at Fiska site. Humph-see if you get full frontal nudity now!

TracyP said...

OMG how lazy are you!!!! hehe

mumscrap said...

Hi Danice, just stumbled across your blog-fun stuff, you might be jsut a wee bit nutty-that's cool. I'm not brave enough to make my blog public yet but family never look at it so I'm just talking to myself really-good audience. Will pop in again soemtime! Andrea F

Ann said...

Congrats on the new puter, Vista is awful!

Thanks so much for the canisters, they are fantastic!

Hope you had a good time last night.