Friday, September 26, 2008

I found something crying in my Ink

Suitcase... it looks like this:
Does anyone want to claim the poor lil mite? it just so happens that I am in the middle of doing baby cards for boys... good timing that the lil darling came home with me :D
So, yes I am home tomorrow, however, I will be wearing crappy clothes all day so I'm not tempted to wander off into the realms of Spotlight... rather pleased they had this sale on an offweek!! especially when both August AND September's power bill came today (yes both of them thanks NZ Post)
and they top the charts at $220 each! NOT impressed, and the old fridge has already been disconnected, and my boxes of books will be moved from the doorway so its easy access to the washing line... its LOVELY weather for line drying now so no more dryer!


Danice said...

ps. Im not giving it away, unless your name is Liz who so helpfully put her ink in with mine (cheers luv!)

Nic said...

LOL my name is Liz. Honest. Really - ask Beth or Tona, they will tell you!!

Dragonlass said...

Liz wont notice it missing...will go nicely in my stash though :)

dizzy Lizzie said...

i sure do miss it!! had to go buy another blue ink in the great spotlight sale!! hands off you ladies.