Monday, September 29, 2008

Only 11 Days to go

I'm still not really ultra excited, its the realist in me... a broken leg could kabosh the whole thing.
actually, a broken leg would be fine but a broken arm would really upset me, I think it would upset Nic and Sandra more.. cos I could still shop, I just wouldnt be able to carry anything :D but thats what friends are for aye girls!!!!!
I am now considering the Pyjama crop, I don't know if I even fit my pyjamas. heh thatll be a surprise for when I arrive wont it! hehehehehe I'll be sure to take my dressing gown too.
Funny story from my local dairy yesterday:
I walked to the dairy for milk (was making date scones as you do on a Sunday arvo) and getting in a bit of exercise too with the doggie.
Bought the milk and as I was getting my change, the fire alarm went off, now our dairy is a shop on the ground floor with lots of other shops (mainly take away places) at street level with apartments for the 2 floors above it.
The young guy serving me, looked around a bit and said oh nah tis ok, I said "umm mate, I think thats a fire alarm, you might want to check it out"
he walked to the back of his store looked left, looked right, came back to the counter and said oh yeah it is but i cant see smoke it must be ok.
I didn't say anything because I was trying not to laugh.
I walked out side, looked thru the alley into the carpark behind the shops, it stunk and there was smoke.
I walked back into the dairy and said "umm mate, I would prolly be a little more concerned, theres smoke out the back, smells like rubbish but still" he said, "oh really, oh umm well nah umm"
by this time all the other shop keepers were coming out side and looking around and I swear, noone had a clue what to do,another customer and I found the fire alarm board and it said it was one of the apartments..........
by this stage only ONE person had come down from upstairs.... that person looked around, said oh yeah sweet, and went back upstairs.
It was this stage that I just left, what a bunch of ning nongs....
I have no idea what it ended up being, no doubt I shall find out the next time I want to make scones with no milk. Which by the way tasted amazing, but my scones always crumble!!! Sharon says its something to do with not cutting the butter in well enough - not surprising because I hate cutting in butter - my nice lumber jack cake doesnt require cutting in which is why I think I like it so much.
Oh and Derek of course had a hissy fit, they had dates in them, whinged like a child that I never make him anything with no fruit in it. As if I do it on purpose! (*snigger*)
I told him I put dates in the scones cos its part of my 5+ fruit and veges a day... I'm not sure if he believed me, but he did shut up (!) go figure.

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dizzy Lizzie said...

you make me laugh. yeh how you get one of those freebees lucky you!!