Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Because Ive been a slack blogger..

I'll be putting up some sneak previews of my ATC's tonight.
AND ohhhh thats right - CAT update! the honest, real and true owners showed up!!!! and they were such a lovely couple, and i was right - that puddy was well loved and very sorely missed, the problem is tho, that since puss moved on last week, we havent seen him, but the couple will keep looking, and i really hope they find him!!! (btw - his name is Dinky.. rofl hmm)
and it reminded me, seeing as noone else did, that I need to draw a winner for my previous post, so could COLLEEN email me danice25@hotmail.com with your dog or cat choice and ill get something underway for you!


Dragonlass said...

Ok I have been waiting for the ATC's...hurry up and show them :)

pattyb said...

Dinky...really...I guess he could look like a Dinky. I love the names people come up with. Hilarious. Mine are "Sierra" and "Kitty" so you can see I have no imagination. Congrats to Colleen and can't wait to see you ATC's. I am not too happy with my Valentine Day ones. I think I'm too critical with myself though.

Tona said...

Can't wait to get a sneak peek of your ATC's. Did you get your late b-day card yet?