Saturday, January 31, 2009

Staying up VERY early has its benefits..

I cleared the desk of all the ATC's and did a layout for ME. Only took me til 4am too!
Now to remind you all of my picture issues, remember when my HDD died? well, I have done nothing about it.. yet. maybe tonight.
So I have no digital copies of any photos. But luckily I did do a big print run when hardly normal was having a sale, of course I *should* scan them and build some back up discs.. you would think that right? but no. I grabbed the photos and started cropping away merrily. In my defense I had already cut most before I realised they were "originals" and by that stage, well what the hell!
I reckon this is the most photos I have ever put on one layout - EIGHT! and I started off playing with the new My Minds Eye Natural range (stunning!!!) but its ALL glittered, and by the time I found enough co-ordinating plain paper I had already decided to use this Kaiser stuff...... that I was saving to use the OTHER side of, I am getting sick of doublesided papers again, I now buy two sheets of pattered paper... but now I want to use the plain sides too. So now I have to buy two of everything doublesided... how is there a recession on in the Scrapbooking Industry if we all have to keep buying more cos they keep coming out with really cool stuff!!!!???
So it ended up being Kaiser with a neat calender journalling tag from MME.
Oh and as for journalling, my printer is poked. (needs ink and again I'm lazy) and I need to print it off and then I can put writing on it, I'm doing a double as well so not sure what page is having the main title, don't want to rush into these things! (another bloody good excuse not to journal aye!?? I just hope Kathleen doesn't read this!!!!)


Danice said...

hmm I think i need to scan it a bit better next time, it looks a bit sad but well it really does look better irl!!! Promise :D

Tona said...

This is fantastic! I love all the texture & this is the best layout I've seen with that many photos on it.Excellent job!

NanaBeth said...

Bah humbug! Just have to keep rubbing your talent in my nose don't you!

Dragonlass said...

I am telling Kathleen on you....hahaha.
Nice page by the way

Kathleen said...

I sees nothing! I am reading your blog with my eyes closed - trickski huh?? :D

Tracy L said...

Danice, I love this page! I can't wait to see it IRL. All the layers, just gorgeous!