Saturday, March 28, 2009

If you are stolen, call police immediately.

Seriously, that was on a sign in Japan, and I've finished my ATC's but shhhhh I'm not sure I'm meant to put them on blog yet~! so if anyone happens to be in an Asian ATC swap right now - close your eyes!!!!!!!
They are mostly very asian and pretty except for the title saying :D but you have to look quite closely to read it, I am all for humourous stuff and I think I should do funny ATC's all the time, it makes me smile while I'm putting them all together, each time I see the saying, I smile again!
Dumb arse that I am, thinking I had to do 6 atc's... then just before rushing off in the middle of the night to deliver them, I double checked... and I need 10 of the buggers.
SO seeing as I had no more green tinged fabric, I used blue so things got a little different on the last 4. No biggie at all. and I didn't include the writing on the last 4 cos my printer also crapped out (no idea why) so had to run to work to print the atc backs off (that I had emailed to myself) but then DUH, like we have any decent fonts at work? hell no, and no chance of installing any either.
So my advice for today is, double check everything and fix your printers!
Also went to the Stamp n Create sale, everything 30% off, being broke has its advantages.. I bought hardly anything, except i found wacky widgets and I do LOVE wacky widgets and they're hard to find, so I got some of those and some bling (of course) and a new stamp that I'm not showing yet cos I want to play.
enjoy your Saturday and don't forget to turn your lights off for Earth Hour at 8.30pm.. I should be fine, the glare from my TV and PC screen is plenty light enough for me!


NanaBeth said...

Where are you getting the doilies?
Doing earth day also.
Tracy has a picture on his phone-which we don't know how to get off(no pun intended)of a large crane driving down the road, on the back it says "How do you like our erection?"
Getting happy has really fired back all your creativity-maybe I should dump boytoy!

Danice said...

lmao Beth, doilies are at Arthurs Emporium - youre the second person to ask, i think i need to go do a buy up, and isnt it a bit dodgy with the crane on a boys phone! and you will note that i dont scrap anymore.. for the moment anyway!

Paul, Kim and Luke said...

Hey Danice - they look cool - good one... and when you going to start scrapping you slacker?!?!
Forgot to ask - have you lost weight? You're definitely looking skinnier when I saw you yest...

Tona said...

Another batch of great ATC's!

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