Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This week is going so quickly!

Last night I went to NZ Scrapbook's pretty Product Preview, got a free stamp! and some clever ideas to use it with, kinda a duh moment when you see things that are so "obvious" that other people do, and the gorgeous wee canvas take home project is awesome too!
I need to scrap more instead of ATC's cos I feel as if I am losing my touch on all things scrappy. Cannot possibly have that happen. I need to sort some photos out and lock myself away.
(PS: of course I didn't do the project... but i cut some little bits of paper out :D)
On the other hand, thanks to a certain blondie, I am now all obsessed with Twitter. JUST what I needed, another weirdo interweb fixation. It gave her the idea to go to Sale St Bar.. on a Tuesday night no less, because they had "alt country" band playing, and I was considering it when first asked, until the word country came into play - then I was absolutely in! We all know how I do love my country - not in the patriotic sense so much, and if theres an acceptable way to listen to country music without being stigmatised, then I want to find it!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was really cool, The Darlings were playing, with singer Jacquie Clark (forgive the spelling if its wrong) doing her thing - apparently on her birthday too.

Must have been the day for interesting sights, Kerry Sue collected me for the preview, and while waiting for lights to change in Ponsonby, Matthew Ridge ran past, all sweaty and not the most attractive looking male, not sure what people see in him!?

So today is spent looking busy at work, Oh yes, took some photos of my office, will post later on tonight or maybe tomorrow.

And let me know your email so I can add you on Twitter if youre a member!