Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Due to popular request....

I was gonna post a picture of something reallllly gross, but its hard for me to bring myself to do it.
let me think about it. and meanwhile talk about happy things!
I havent been home that much, finding the outdoors pretty interesting, and no my dearest Beth - it wasnt in a garage, I'm over mechanics - they charge too damn much for too little work!
I didn't bother with easter eggs this year, bought a bag of hershey caramel kisses instead :D much better value. Also accidently fell into the scrapbook shop in Albany thats closing down so having a 50% off sale.... some prima stuff accidently fell into my basket, thanks for pointing out the felt thingies Trina! or not...?
So anyways I got some new stuff! (cue that catchy new tune "new shoes on") so I might be able to scrap seeing as I am now house bound... ohhh yeah the gross thing, well : AND NO, ITS NOT MY BOOB!!!!!!!
that is like a volcano on my jawline.... its THAT swollen. and with much thanks to nurse mason, I am petrified of it taking over my head :( I must say that when I uploaded these photos I actually felt a bit better, cos in my mind this thing is HUGE and it takes up half my face and I'm sure everyone is staring at it etc etc, so in reality - its not actually that bad. (if any of you mean cows say it IS that bad, ima gonna come kick your arses .)
But in happier moments, this is Kim's still untitled layout, I was going to be a smart cow and use a title from the bible, and Kim and Tracey will likely know what i mean considering they know this boy childs name...and considering the story behind the pic too... but I restrained myself!!!!
This page was done using part of the Sketchbook kit with BG Marrakech papers


Danice said...

actually kim, your layout looks kinda crap there, but its a bit nicer irl! promise :D

Dragonlass said...

Um what happened for you to get that mini volcano erupt on your jaw?
Nice layout by the way

TracyP said...

ouch and ewwwww!!!!!!! The volcano not the LO :)

Axel....{Carol} said...

ouch that looks painfull

Sonya said...

Your page is just gorgeous, and so is your face - what volcano??? Hope your face is better really soon, and truely its not that bad, but I immagine it does feel huge, and it looks very painfull.

Kelly said...

Owww! That just looks really sore. Hope the volcano goes extinct for you really soon. Is it an absess?
Anyway..... layout is gorgeous as is the one layout you did at retreat. LOL Love howyou take so long on your layouts!! :)

Paul, Kim and Luke said...

cute layout - can't wait to see the title!