Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday morning

And I am on fire! not Kings of Leon type of on fire either.
But I am up and about totally like a box of fluffies! This is only because I have to leave for all day crop in um well 30 minutes and I've not packed anything, again according to my own set format, I havent decided what I'm taking, hehehehe.
Thank you all for your kind words on my non contagious Face explosion, you will all be HAPPY to know that its healing beautifully, and the bandages are getting smaller and smaller, I think I will find it weird when I dont need a bandage - perhaps Ill continue wearing one anyway?
Right, so thats my faec update, onto more inspiring things, Did everyone know that you cant make cards out of grungeboard? hmm just thought I'd throw that in, cos *I* didnt know that....
Im considering making another plaque, this time not a pink one. I think because its called Grunge board, Its only suitable for boy stuff??
and at the price of it too, its as precious as gold leaf!
Ill show and tell what stunning things (note i say thingS as if im going to create more than one ATC hahaha) later!
Dear Beth, The only photo/s of Adorer I have are not the most flattering, however because of you, I shall enquire if I may take a NICE pic that i can then photo edit and post all over the internet, Im sure he will be fine with it :D
Other than that, keep an eye on your email inbox.


Chris C said...

Have fun today - I can't make it - still too much to do before tonight.
Can't wait to see what you have been up to.
Glad to hear your face is healing.

Tona said...

Glad to hear that your face is healing up.
I did know that you can make a card from grunge board but I just can't bring myself to use such a large piece of it. While I was on the N.W.Paper Chase I got some grunge paper, can't wait to give that a try.
Are you still using the old address?

Tracy L said...

I'm very happy for you that it's not gonna spread and take over your whole face!! Bloody insects. Must be just about gone by now, I hope. I still here in Tauranga, but home soon. Hope you had a nice couple days off work!

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