Monday, July 27, 2009

I like my postie almost as much as i like Beth.... I am off on annual leave today (and tomorrow!!) meant to be in chc but Nic reckoned I would bring her household into disrepute so we decided to postpone the visit.. ill forgive her one day.
So while sitting at home doing really awesome scrap things (not even, been online all morning!)
I got a card int he postie box! good timing, so i toddle off to collect my parcel and its a heavy square box... i open heavy square box and crack up- inside is a doggie chewed plastic container protecting a gorgeous flower on the front... (I have HUGE grin on face by now cos im LOVING the D)
and i open it and im laughing my arse off- its a pink mini tool kit.
now for those that might not recall, ive moved from a proper house to a studio apartment, i dont mind it at all but in the process I have left some stuff- such as a bloody screwdriver!!!!!!
so last week i was looking at these types of kits but decided i would just borrow a screwdriver from work (which i didnt do)
So im STOKED! thank you Beth you made a sad day much better!


Nic said...

oh that is cool!!! but does this mean I am only your 3rd favourite behind Beth and the postie??

NanaBeth said...

Is the postie cute-do we need photos?
Don;t forget I am a dirty old lady!

NanaBeth said...

I have ordered my Tiny Attacher. Hopefully as soon as it arrives I shall turn into a creative genius like you!

Tona said...

That really turned out great Beth.
Now we need to see a layout of you using your tools, fixing something in your apartment Danice.
You convinced me to buy the Tiny Attacher too. I haven't tried it yet.

NanaBeth said...

My Tiny attacher arrived today and I shall now turn into crafting genius!