Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yes Im blogging...

I have to! I had a great three days at SENZ and met some awesome people, and caught up with a whole heap more awesome people that I haven't seen in ages! I'm not going to list, cos there were so many that Ill likely forget and then offend someone by accident - let me just say, I really did enjoy catching up with every single one of you!!!!
so really it wasn't working as much as umm err AHEM socialising!
and I loved mostly every minute of it- the 6am outta beds were a bit iffy but hey, this morning we were greeted by savoury scones with REAL butter!! still warm - thanks to Debs B !!
So, I was on the Crafty Tart stand yakking to people about scrap stuff.. heaven really! and playing with the product and I can recommend anything - its gotta be the craft mat and the mini mister!
that wee mini mister really does rock m y socks, I was spoiled by Tona (US Fiskateer) who sent me one a while ago, and I've been using it for various things, but NOW i have even more to do with it!!!!! (including the fact I'm now able to use my glugged up nozzle glimmer mist again!)
the craft mat.. well lets just say I will no longer have any burn marks in the shape of a circle on the carpet.. OOPS.
So the obligatory pic of goodies... all can be purchased off Crafty Tart and for BLOODY GOOD PRICES!!!!! (not just saying it- Crafty Tart won the award for Best Newcomer to SENZ with very good reason!)sooo the list is, 3 x sheets of Tim Holtz/Stampers Anonymous stamps, a sheet of the Prima box card.. cant wait to play with that and to see what Ann does with hers!! umm got a mini Prima stamp (the bricks with wee music notes) umm a single tim holtz stamp.. anyone seeing a theme by now! Inksentials Rub it Scrub it pad- AWESOME value for $10 to clean stamps on! and the wee mini brayer - about time I got one of those, been meaning to for ages, ooh and the frivolous purchase.... the Tim Holts "Tiny Attatcher" ok ok yeah silly but its ADORABLE! such teeny tiny wee staples hehehehe and last but not least- the craft mat. It is amazing. nuff said! (ooh cept if you dont have one - you NEED one!)
So I had masses of fun, feet are sore, and gosh .... I almost forgot the highlight of the weekend...
I met Jilly GG!!! totally randomly (we were both checking out the Tim Holtz stamps) and she mentioned she liked macabre.. and I of course asked about ATC's and she said yes, and I said I'd love to know more about your ATC swaps, she said take my blog and email me.. and started spelling it out.. jillgg and I kinda giggled cos I was like COOL! I follow you on Twitter!!!!!
she prolly freaked out (bit like Lusi Austin last year oops.)
but yeah definately a highlight to meet such an awesome artist and she was so normal.. and funny and you have to check out her bloggie for more cool stuff! ohhh and speaking of blogs - dont forget to check Rachel Tuckers blog too - she was teaching the cutest class ever!


Nic said...

VERY cool! nice haul of goodies, and I'm PMSL at you freaking out all the nice girlies like Jill and Lusi!

Danice said...

OHH Jill was not too freakyed out (i think) go check her bad barbie!!!

Ann said...

Thank you for being such an excellent personal shopper for me

Nice haul of goodies there ;-)
Hope to catch up with you this week.

Tona said...

From the look of your haul, I'd say you had a good time.
Have fun with all those new goodies.

Niella said...

Awesome fun goodies! cool...can't wait to see what you do with 'em!


I forgot it was this weekend, I was supa busy, but still could of popped in for some shopping:):)


Axel....{Carol} said...

You did a great job,I was on a budget boohoo but i can get more later :) tehehe,was great seeing ya again

Lianne said...

Thank you for all your help when I shopped too :)

lynne1 said...

OMG I am just drooling over your TH's Stampers anon......Aren't they devine. I so would have loved to have been there...heaven.

lynne1 said...

OMG I am just drooling over your TH's Stampers anon......Aren't they devine. I so would have loved to have been there...heaven.