Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chrstmas always comes early for my family

Cos my sis and family live outside of Auckland and they always head off on a racing trip on or straight after xmas day, we usually meet up the week or so earlier and do some xmasy stuff much to the disgust of my dear brother in law who HATES opening presents before xmas day - hasnt quite accepted that xmas is for families rather than about the presents, we are working on that (have been working on that for years)
This year the kids didnt get to open anything but seeing as we had a conjoined pressie we at least got to try out the mini fondue set- was tasty choccie and a variety of what ever we could find to eat.
then Dad has some kittens (surprise suprise) up at the shed and Kita loved all of them, beautiful weather and great drive home, except i lost 4th gear in the car close to the motorway home, so i pulled off the motorway and found id also lost 2nd AND reverse- bloody lucky i was able to do a u turn with no reverse! but alls well cos i stopped at the mechanics and voila! fixed it just like that! hes a clever man and if anyone wants a mechanic for toyotas out east tamaki way- let me know!


Tona said...

What a beautiful area & those kittens are too cute. It sounds like you had a nice time with your family. Sorry to hear that you had car trouble on the way home. At least it sounds like you have a good mechanic.
Merry Christmas!

NanaBeth said...

Beautiful indeed! Wishing you the merriest of Christmases tartlet!

Anonymous said...

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