Saturday, January 30, 2010

Holy Smoke! i did a layout!!

with thanks to the other 2 piggies that did the menu with me, i did this layout, admittedly not my finest work, but damn it- i DID A LAYOUT!

Ahh the menu goes like this:
everyone choose their food from the menu, then someone else givest he "scrapbook" version of their menu, we nearly lost this but clever Tracy kept a copy so I figure ill post it so it remains somewhere anyway!

Bread and Butter
French Onion Soup
Shrimp Cocktail
Hot Wings


Caesar Salad
Greek Salad
Tomato and Mozzarella
Cobb Salad

Main Entrée
Fettuccini Alfredo
Steak and Lobster
Vegetarian Stir Fry
Fried Chicken
Baked Salmon

Side Dish
Baked Potato
Green Bean Almondine
Mac & Cheese
Rice Pilaf
Glazed Carrots

Hot Fudge Sundae
Red Velvet Cupcake

Bruchetta –create your own journal spot
Bread and Butter - create a tag for your page
French Onion Soup – distress your paper
Shrimp Cocktail - 6x12
Hot Wings – scallops

Caesar Salad - flower
Greek Salad - felt piece
Tomato and Mozzarella - chipboard
Cobb Salad - bling

Main Entrée
Fettuccini Alfredo – brown, turquoise, white, gold/yellow
Steak and Lobster – red, blue, white, grey
Vegetarian Stir Fry – orange, white, black, green
Fried Chicken – black, pink, kraft, white
Baked Salmon – orange, purple, white

Side Dish
Baked Potato – 3 or more buttons
Green Bean Almondine - 2 rub ons
Mac & Cheese - stamp
Rice Pilaf - 2 ribbons
Glazed Carrots - brads

Tiramisu – use creative type/alphas
Cheesecake - 2 pieces pp (that don't match)
Sherbet – pattern paper background
Hot Fudge Sundae - cardstock only
Red Velvet Cupcake - 3 pieces pp

So other news.
Take too long to explain, but lets just say im flying off to Christchurch tomorrow at 5 bloody am.
fun stuff tho - spending the day with nic and then catching the afternoon shuttle to Greymouth, where i will recharge and enjoy the quiet.
perhaps there might be some news when i get home on Thursday- but nahhh im just teasing :D