Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Years Eve (Phat 10)

Right these are rather amusing, Phat is an event that happens every year for new years eve, its in the middle of nowhere (Inangahua, West Coast to be precise) and its just a big rural area where everyone camps for up to 4 nights and they have continuous live music (Drum n Bass) playing up on some higher terraces.
Theres no alcohol or glass to be taken into the site, you can purchase it at the main stages but thats it, but every year its a bit of a fun thing to see how much booze you can sneak in just for the sake of sneaking it in! Jayme and I decided late in the day to go to the thing so we didnt have much time to organise anything, so he cleverly popped a couple of panels off and put some beer in, and then when looking through the photos again i had to laugh at the pics of him putting it in, and the next pic is security searching the car.
The weather on the first night was a bit icky, was raining during the night and honestly, was awesome seeing everyone dancing in gumboots and raincoats - no fashion statements here!This is the aftermath of New Years eve, I didnt take the camera at night because it was packed and im a useless photographer anyway, but was still great fun!


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Too funny about taking the car apart to sneak in some beer.

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