Saturday, October 9, 2010

quickie update

I have been so unupdatey, that I forgot my password to log in here today.
But, here I am!
where to start!? well, firstly, we are happily ensconced in our new home, things had to settle down and get "normal" again- oh how i missed a decent kitchen and oven!! I have also started doing two weekly rotating menus for my shopping, and its so useful!
I started doing it and then thought bloody hell, this is going to take for ever just to write up the shopping list etc, but i perservered and ended up with a great list of healthy food that I cook every week AND it makes food shopping pretty blimmin easy, I know whats already in the fridge and pantry and freezer so I ONLY buy things for that weeks meals, so far its saving a heap of money and even more time, considering I live a tad bit rural these days, whipping into the supermarket for a packet of whatever isnt really an option!
I have sorted my scrap room out too, looking ok, not completely set up because we still need to paint the skirting boards in allt he rooms so no point getting too cosy when things are going to be shifted again, I have been creating lots of goodie things tho, but my pc has also busted its network card (thanks lightning!) so i need to replace it before i can get back on my pc with all my scrap pictures on it .
OHHHHH thats right i forgot- i was published!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes in UP2scrap, It was the ugliest layout ever (in my opinion) but I finally acheived a goal from 2008 and that was to get something published! ticked off my list now, maybe my next goal is to get something published in Aussie :D

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