Friday, March 25, 2011

Seeing as you have had lots of photos

I decided today I will give a proper blog post.
Update my life as such. Online anyway.
Obviously the most exciting thing that has happened to me recently is the new camera, love love LOVE it.
Even if I have no idea how to use it.  That nicely seagues into the next exciting topic, I have entered into an educational agreement, a Diploma in Digital Photography (for beginners) no less. 6 months and I'll be flash as with my camera apparently.... not holding out high hopes but anything is better than nothing!
Things are ticking along nicely, gearing up for a chilly winter in our new cosy house, so much better than the yukky cold draughty of this time last year! And in talking about the wee, I feel for the new owners, They have already had to start lighting the fire to keep warm. 
Am on the hunt for some new recipes, hated my round crockpot, was way too small and the shape of it wouldnt allow for lamb shanks to sit nicely, so lo and behold, Mitre 10 had a special on their 3.5 lt oval crockpots, so that is going to be the most used kitchen appliance this winter, perhaps along with the pizza stone!
Am looking forward to heading off up to Auckland for my holiday next week, no doubt will have exciting adventures to report on my return.
Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend everyone and keep warm and if you are one of those people (ie Jenny) that have come to damage this week, take it easy!!!!!


Jenny said...

I love my crockpot - it's round but easily takes four lamb shanks. And I'm sure you'll have agreat holiday in Auckland. I'm taking care of myself ... did a blog update from my bed too

Ann said...

Enjoy your time in AKL, weathers not too hot at the moment though!
Go you on the course, you'll be an expert in no time ;-)

TracyP said...

is wondering how easy or not it will be to try glimpse you while you are in Auckland .... and I am thinking about taking my crockpot out of summer holiday today :)

mandyb said...

my crockpot is oval and too big for me...but i often freeze meals for me to enjoy another time, or share with others...!!!

enjoy auckland and your cosy new house!!!

Patti said...

Loved your blog... and so enjoyed your pics... I too am enjoying taking pics on a new camera, so I enjoyed the read and the beautiful photos... will look forward to following your 'pictorial adventure'! patti