Friday, August 19, 2011

Clever people make for a happy danice!

Of course, its not me being clever in this case, but Pinterest has provided a few jolly good ideas, one of which caused me to leap out of my seat, vault down the (very short) hallway, whip all my recent layouts off the rope in my scrap room, and then busted a gut getting back to my usual seat to attempt to copy something that Shay posted on her Pinterest board.
Only to realise my thingies werent the same size as those thingies and it was about now I lost all forward propellsion and relaxed onto my seat with a cuppa.
After the adrenaline had subsided, I meandered over to Jayme's workshop and snaffled HIS thingies which are bigger than my thingies and so the cord thingies were created!
Please see below.
Such a clever idea, thats my blackberry USB and my external HD USB cords, tidy and ready to use. Ive also got one for the mouse cord and on the other side are my power cords (for when I switch to the work laptop) but Ill need a bigger bulldog clip for one of them, still its a brilliant idea and goes to show Pinterest does have its uses! (other than being the best time waster since Angry Birds!)


Jenny said...

That's a good idea! I have those USB thingies lying all over the place

mandyb said...

wahoooo great idea for sure!!!
the other one i love is attaching bread tags to the bottom of the cords by the power board so you know what each cord is for..will link you on pinterest if i re-find it!!!

Brenda said...

Bloody Brilliant!! You are fast becoming a West Coaster LOl