Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Quick and easy

Thats what todays post is - quick and easy!  Jayme and I are going to Gloriavale tonight for the Cooperite Concert, I find it utterly fascinating and creepy at the same time but anyway, I took Micky to the beach to have a big run around so hes at least not too tempted to follow the car (I HOPE!)  He really is so different to Shilo, doesnt care about sticks or balls, likes trotting near us and LOVES other dogs (to the point he will run  on his little short stumpy legs for ages to get to another dog) and he isnt that fond of the water, he runs away from the waves but cant resist the moving stones, he reminds me of a pouncing cat and one day I must record it on video how he pounces on things! 

 This is the same beach, just the other day, the clouds had so many layers it was hard to capture!
Paroa Beach from the day before yesterday


BethW said...

You take such damn good pictures of him-sure wish you lived closer so I could get some of my brats.

Danice said...

Well, you win lotto and Ill be there with flying colours Beth! I do love the South :D

mandyb said...

ohhhhhh love the beach moody looking with those clouds!!! enjoy your time away