Monday, August 20, 2012


Winter is easing off here, although it has been very mild! not at all like last year with snow excitement and long periods of freezing cold days.
We are back into some stunning sunsets, but I have been far too "busy" (lazy) to rush off to the beach to capture the colours, so instead I make do with pottering around home.

A snap of the colours from the back of the house.
The other time consuming thing I have been doing is my scrap room. After the whole rigmarole redoing some of the plastering and painting, and half moving my stuff out, I decided it was just too hard to keep going like that so spent several days putting my room to order.  I adore my new wee butchers block - $20!!! perfect for my cuttlebug.
This is from the door, on the left wall are two big pantry things that hold cardstock, card making stuff, my less favoured  pp, ATC's, albums, books/magazines, blank canvas' all those sorts of things.

Big baskets hold flowers and ribbons (according to colour in plastic baggies)  Radio on  a new shelf, the old suitcases have an assortment of cd's, chipboard and I think there might even be some lettering in one :D

The bookcase to the left has fabric, smash book stuff and most importantly, Project Life things, and the basket is for me to throw those bits in that I will eventually add to the album, on the right I have adhesives, inks, some fave stamps, bling and on top, some fave tools.

My desk, the pink has traditionally been my took box, but  lately its been  dangerous putting my hand in for fear of  having fingers sliced off so I've split my sharp tool and other tools, really on a daily basis I only use 4 things anyway!.  I love that I have surrounded my desk with a bunch of stuff that makes me happy, not necessarily things I have made but a glass cat from a childhood birthday or a framed smurf picture. on the spice rack I also have all my washi tapes and twine.

My paper racks with paper pads, and fave papers.  Bookcase has paints, glue gun/heatgun that sort of thing, oh and photos, and I love that cheap sewing machine, I just struggle to use it :(

A common occurance in our house, and the reason I tell Jayme its just not right for me to wash the windows (good excuse or what!?) birds often fly into the doors/windows but rarely do they injure themselves, and at worst they might sit on the ground for a few minutes to see straight again before they fly off into the bush again, the only impression they leave are a few feathers and the thump when they made the connection.  I love that Micky doesnt automatically run outside when he hears it, he goes to look out the window and just watches.

A 2012 goal completed!!! I wanted to get photos of a frog, and here one is! I have no clue what he was doing outside the front door, but I gladly snapped his portrait before he went off to do froggy things!


topkatnz said...

Lots of creative space there:) I love surrounding myself with things that I love too - not just scrappy stuff. And recently I have created a basket of my favorite scrappy things - my go to box - not necessarily related things, just stuff I like and want to use, or use a lot - I really love this basket, but it's getting a bit full!!lol

mandyb said...

love that colourful sky shot!!! and that clean room!!!

and that frog.....cute!!!!

and yeah i am with you on the no washing windows thing!!! ha!!