Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The day after!

Ok so its all over red rover!, not so bad, had a lovely choc gateau cake from work, and had a nice relaxing time at the hairdressers made my hair all shiny which was nice---------------------------------------->

OHHH but before that - i received a package - i was SO excited, and the lawnmower man laughed like hell cos i was trying to make him agree with how beautiful "the Brittany's Castle" range was from Cloud 9.... poor man obviously had NO idea what i was talking about but i figure anyone reading this sure will! so Thanks heaps Lyn - much appreciated and it will be heaps of fun to use!

And then another gift i received was: a cool as sewing template set, these are new (ish) from Bazzill and they did bring out smaller versions with flowers etc which i thought i wanted, but luckily Tracey knows me better and got these ones - which ive already used (on her layout of course) and they are fantastic - a heck of a lot quicker using this template than getting the sewing machine out!

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