Monday, January 21, 2008

WOOHOO! It's my Birthday :D

and im still wondering when im meant to actually "feel" older! Luckily im not terribly concerned about age, im more worried about having saggy bits than being old (vanity has kicked in) but on that note, the nice people at Rodney Wayne have sent me a letter to give me some *pampering* so i get a free treatment and blowdry, so i figure i may as well accept it so im off to the hairdressers after work, pity its pouring down with rain so any nice work they do will likely be destroyed by the time i get back to the car!
Work presented a black forest gateau for morning tea, i didnt get photos cos me pigging out is not particulary scrapworthy, although i will definately make someone.. anyone! take photos this afternoon (ooh specially after the hairdressers) - ill pretend i always look lovely and neat and tidy and well groomed, instead of wet hair and hurriedly applied makeup everyday! so i will update my blog on the completion of my day! happy danice's birthday to everyone!

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~Zeetra~ said...

Happy birthday Chicky babe.... How old are you BTW...