Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hmm a title....

I cant think of a title!
So instead i'll just ramble on what i did today. I went SHOPPING! and i enjoyed myself immensely, spent far too much money on paper - all Basic Grey and lovely stuff, and i got some stuff for those poor non-jafa's which ill post away soon.
As much as i LOVE computers - i really really do dislike "servers" our work is run of a server in Hamilton... and its a nightmare, its pretty slow which is to be expected and surprisingly enough im fairly patient (just used to my own pc being slow) but when the whole thing crashes, it drives me INSANE. and considering i work in mental health, its not a good brain frame to be in, so i left early at 12 today - who wouldnt want to leave early when theres scrap shopping to be done! and thats about allll i did.

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