Saturday, February 2, 2008

NZ Dare # 38

I checked the No8 Wired Dare today..... and the new dare went up yesterday, so in keeping with my 2008 personal challenge to complete every No8 dare this year, i started immediately,

that was about 2pm this afternoon, now its 1.11am and i have FINISHED IT! admittedly it was a card rather than a layout, but i did especially like the challenge so here it is:
* The challenge was to make a valentines card using a photo, (ive used 2 even!)
* The quote is: Love is like the ocean, It may have storms, but it will always see clear in the end. (Anon)


Mummy LOL said...

Oh I say that is looking mighty flash wooooooooooooooo

hehehehe check out the date on you blog I am getting very confused (which isn't difficult LOL)


Gojo66 said...

Danice that is fantastic! Well done! Looking forward to seeing more dare entries from you this year. Jo x

Anonymous said...

that card is pretty darn cool. well done.

scrapgeek said...

That is a beautiful card!!

lianne said...

WOW that is gorgeous Danice