Sunday, January 27, 2008

oops no scrapping done..

And thanks to technology! i made myself a banner thingie - its not perfect but im still learning, and i didnt do any scrapping because of it! But i didnt do the layout on my own, in fact Chris has spent most of the day explaining and doing things pc wise for me :D so to show thanks - visit The Other News website, its a good option to the normal news!
But i have cleaned and tidied my room, much nicer to work in now so ill start on something soon.
I want to do Nic and Sandra's challenge about the non spending/paying myself for scrapbooking- so far for those that dont already know, im being a non smoker... not entirely smoke free yet but soon! ive cut down from 20-25 (30 to be completely honest) to perhaps 3 or 4 a day occasionally going for a day with NONE!!!!!
So lately my thing has been to make sure i leave all my money at home - at least im only able to take less than $10 out with me in case im tempted to buy ciggies, so this challenge is going to be extra better for me!

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Mummy LOL said...

woooooooo go us for paying ourselves to scrap LOL. I have $28 in my stash cash container now