Friday, January 25, 2008

Such drama...

I havent liked being in my scrap room for the last couple of days, It's just a bit too much for me to deal with right now! A bit of background for those that don't know me - Im a reasonably organised person, but i am not a tidy person. So when I do things in a hurry i make mess - especially in my scrap room. This makes it a bit tough for me to want to sit down and do anything, i know i cant do anything til i tidy up - means i need to put lots of paper away, put all my embellishments away etc etc.
Yesterday i was full of enthusiasm thinking id pop home and clean up before i went into the city to see my friend carla - Carla walks every day and i decided it wouldnt hurt to do it too..... But when i pulled into my driveway, i see my side garden gate wiiiide open.. showcasing the side garage door swining open too... my flatmates (nice) car in the garage.. i think i knew straight away something was wrong although to all intents except for the garden gate, it was normal, but when i did a whip thru the house to talk to flattie - noone was home, i stood out the garage door and realised the window had been opened by way of boltcutters on the stainless steel window stays and then they have reached around to unbolt the door, it didnt seem like anything had been taken - it seemed as if they had been disturbed before they could do much snooping, my digital camera was sitting on my desk - so i reckon they only got as far as the garage, later on we realised that flattie had some cash stolen from the inside of his car, but considering what there is lying around we got off very very lightly, now i am left wondering if theyw ill come back.. i dont think so.
So after that drama i buggered off to carlas and went for a long walk - long for me i think it was a baby walk for her! it was good fun, but i honestly not sure i could do it every day! and after that we went for dinner at La Porchetta and it was a decent meal pasta for me pizza for her.

so today im not entirely enthusiastic about cleaning my room, although i cant do a thing til i do!
I even have a bunch of photos to use so i will be doing something later tonight or even tomorrow.

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