Saturday, January 19, 2008

STILL working on a challenge..

I haven't finished the layout yet, but i have most of the elements, including the title, im figuring out how to do the title and it will be finished - hopefully tomorrow, and before my BIRTHDAY!!! on monday, after monday i dont know what ill go on about cos even i cant get excited about my birthday happening in a years time.. that would be SILLY!
Oh but an update - i dismantled the christmas tree today... shock horror, its usually up till June, for no particular reason, im not that lazy i just like the christmas tree!


~Zeetra~ said...

Are you trying to hint at your birthday being on Monday?

enyadas_mum said...

and omg u didn't tell me highly annoyed.. lol will drop in (if you remind me) with something.

ps blog looks great