Saturday, January 19, 2008

Working on a challenge ..

I had a good day today, work was not bad, home was good, but i went to my friend Tracey's place to scrap a little bit and that was great, its funny cos i rarely get any scrapping done outside my room - I have far too much stuff to lug around with me so i end up taking "important" stuff, usually something im working on with all the bits included, however as organised as that sounds, it doesn't actually mean I'll FINISH it, let alone actually do anything except talk talk and talk some more ... it was 1.30am when I finally buggered off home - and i finished what i was doing,, for the moment.
So now the new challenge is up, and im keen to do it, the deadline is next Wednesday... lets see if i manage it!
Oh and its my birthday on Monday, im so excited, i love my birthday, i dont get many gifts or accolades (i bloody well should do of course hahahaha!) but i just always feel happy! i love getting the phone call/texts from the people that care most about me and its just so cool! so im in such a happy frame of mind i dont care that i only have enough milk left for one more coffee ... im saving it for my morning fix :D

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