Thursday, February 7, 2008

Postage AHOY!

Ok, i finally made it allll the way to the post office, and the queue was out the door! i didnt realise Waitangi day made people post stuff! but it was not so bad, as per usual i like chatting to people while waiting, makes for a nice break and its nice to see people smile instead of being grumpy and impatient!
Oh so that means that Sandra and Nic should keep your eyes open... i found that holepunching the new Basic Grey paper was far too time consuming, and shredding it was just too messy, folding it didnt really work so i just threw it all in a big rubbish bag and stuck a label on it, i tried to keep the different Basic Grey ranges separate although i fear i may have mixed the two scoops range with the oh baby boy range - you both wanted the Oh Baby! ranges didnt you????
No sign of my Ipod at work....

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