Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another weekend gone

And im quite happy, scrapping has been slow lately but not to worry - serves me right, my room needs a damn good clean up so scrapping is no 2 on my to do list.
Im still terribly pissy about my Ipod... and seeing as i booked for Scrap Camp in June i cant really justify buying a new one :( poor doggie not going to get many walks while im ipodless!
got two days of training at work next week, should be good fun, and then the week after that is 3 days in Taupo for National work conference... it will either be great fun or absolutely horrendous, i will try to get my car warranted so then i can drive down on my own, i dont play well with others and a 4 hour drive would be just painful !! ill let you know how i go!`

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