Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Will you miss me!!!!!!!

probably not, but i will miss my internet! Tomorrow morning at the ungodly hour of 6am I am driving to Taupo for a work conference. Up until now ive had a rather pitiful cant be arsed attitude, today however im up for it, to start with my car is legal.... im NOT joking, WOF AND REGO! and the wheel balance done (darn kerb knocking of the wheel weight thiniges) and i am READY TO ROLL! (with massive thanks and forgiveness for no xmas or birthday present) .
A few girls and i desperately faxed our "accomodation" requests thru when they first appeared.. and you wouldnt believe it! Us 4 girls are to have the ONLY 2 bedroom cottage.... it was the only accomodation with "lake views" so we 4 are really excited (the rest of the company of course is looking upon with somewhat less enthused eyes- hehe) The party night theme is 70's terribly common but i thought i had it sussed with my old platform lace up boots, i spent hours looking for them thru all the bags of clothes that i keep meaning to donate (but cant quite bear to) and i cant find my BOOTS!!!!! So ive had to completely rethink the whole thing and will just have to wing it on the night. i have my flask ready for the hot coffee and my clothes laid out, i was trying to fit in some time to cook derek some dinner for when im gone - but i figure he will hardly be home and he will get fed elsewhere anyway. So see yall later and ill be back on Friday!

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