Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thank god im home!

what a week - and it was only a few days! i feel as if i have been gone for a week at least.
SO much happened and its all a bit fresh but some fantastic things happened... and i didnt get any photos.. DUH! what an idiot. so instead you will jsut have to believe me when i say that the world of scrapbookers is FANTASTIC! (and their families) my car blew a radiator hose and i was 30kms from Tokoroa and after the entire company stopped to try and help (SHAME!) i called Zee, i was planning on stopping by for a coffee anyway but she went alot of steps further - her husband was at home (sick) and they bought me out the parts i needed, after looking at the problem,he temp fixed it and escorted me and another car with soem workmates in it back to her house, and i went thru her circle journals while her hubby fixed my car - and FIX my car he did! i made it back to auckland without losing a drop! so MASSIVE thanks and warm fuzzies to Zee, and im so gutted i didnt get a photo of us at least! Just goes to show that the world of scrapbookers is a friendly and helpful one indeed!
I missed my scrap room terribly while i was away and unfortunately before i left i "cleaned: out my handbag - so my desk is a horrible mess, am cleaning it now because i HAVE to scrap.

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~Zeetra~ said...

You know im a god in your making the bill up now....mileage... wear and tear.... pipe used on car...
NAH im just kidding, honestly I