Saturday, March 1, 2008

I was sicky last week

So i couldnt be bothered writing about snotty noses and a croaky voice.

I am alllll better now, so an update on everything. I got my contract from work - a week before my old one expired which is nice. Not nice to notice the "Location of work: Taranaki" i asked the boss if he was planning something like a relocation, he pee'd himself laughing thought it was a great typo.. im not so sure. so that will need to be sorted on Monday.

We got the pics of the work conference too on Friday - some nice ones of me !!!!! except the originals were deleted so i will only get not so great quality ones but ill post them next week, but until then i had some pics taken last night (cos my camera comes everywhere with me) when Kerry-Sue and i (and a bunch of their friends) went to town last night:

Was planning scrapping tonight buthave lost the inspiration, and we are meant to be going to jodies (my sisters) tomorrow which is quite exciting cos it means ill be getting new photos!!!!

right enough blabbing for tonight

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