Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wonders will NEVER cease.

Valentines Day in my house is no more than any other day, usually Derek gets a small gift, his fave lollies are the little hearts so i usually grab a couple of packets, I didnt today, was at a training seminar all day so got home late, im sure you all know how it is! but Derek came home at 7pm.... for those in the know thats shock enough- but to walk in the door bearing a gift.. FOR ME!???
I was laughing and our flatmate was laughing even harder... and you wouldnt believe it, it was a lovely gift, a makeup thingie with eyeshadows and lip gloss and stuff, in the 5 odd years we have been together, it was the first ever valentine gift ive received - i didnt get Christmas OR birthday gifts.. but he got me a present for f*** all - its quite typical Derek and i think its lovely, certainly made me smile!
ill take a pic tomorrow :D

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