Friday, March 14, 2008

Busy weekend coming up

But first i have to get through Friday at work, im sure ill live.
Tomorrow im at Spotlight Manukau to demo for Fiskars, i must remember to change my blades so i dont rip paper (like i do at home) havent made anything up so far but ill be sure to take a couple of my albums for show and tell as well.
Ann did her Demo at Spotlight Glenfield yesterday and looks like she thoroughly enjoyed herself which is fantastic to see! I hope i have the same sort of nice customers too!!!
Still missing my ipod for work, but have found something to stem the pain, i listen to an online country radio station - i figure noone else likes it (assumption from the "looks" ive been getting) but ive said it before and ill say it again "ONE PERSON HAS SPOILT IT FOR EVERYONE ELSE". If my ipod hadnt been nicked then i wouldnt be reduced to listening to my pc... and noone else would needlessly suffer with Carrie Underwoods lovely renditions of All American Girl and Before he cheats.
Right best i bugger off and sort out the agenda for next weeks team meeting.

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